The StoryBox Project: ShadowBox

A New Media/ Video Installation by Sammy Chien & Krista Lomax


The Video/ New Media installation created by Sammy Chien and Krista Lomax called "ShadowBox", as part of the StoryBox Project in Surge Festival & New Form Festival 10. You can see this video installation outside of Cordova st. outside of W2 and right across from SFU Woodward's when the day gets darker.

There are 2 openings for this installation. July 30th 8pm & August 6th 7pm.

Installation runs for 2 months.

for more information:

Video shot, special effects and edited by Krista Lomax

Algorithm programing, live video processing and setup by Sammy Chien

Production assistance, AV tech and building the installation:

Will Stacey, Sandra Witner and Shang-Han Chien